HistoryKill 2007 by TrustSoft
Feature Summary


HistoryKill feature summary

True Privacy - HistoryKill website warns that deleting internet temporary files, history & cookies" using the web browsers built-in functions is insufficient to remove these traces, and that they have a secure deletion system that will do this.

Auto-Kill - An automatic system that cleans any browsing history immediately that the browser is closed, so it is not necessary to clean browser history periodically.

Cookie Manager - Allows you to choose which cookies are kept and which are discarded

File Shredder - Encrypts and overwrites web surfing tracks 21 times (or more) so that no one can recover web tracks. Allegedly defeats forensic software used by the US Secret Service, Customs Department and LAPD.

Boss-Key - Hides browser and Instant Messaging windows etc. immediately in case the boss comes near.

Search Engine / Google toolbar killer - Erases the typed search queries from the Google toolbar and search engine drop down boxes.

Compatible with major browsers- supports all the most common browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, AOL & MSN.



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