Snitch Drive Cleaner software for removing porn files


Snitch Features:

Snitch is a revolutionary new parental control software tool designed to detect the presence of adult material and other inappropriate activity on a Windows based computer system.

Snitch contains a suite of special algorithms to quickly sweep your hard drive and locate files and activity logs of a suspicious nature and present them for review.

Use Snitch to do the following

- Detect Adult material / Pornography on your computer
- Find Images and Movies and sort them by obscenity
- Check Internet History for inappropriate internet usage
- Look inside Compressed files for suspicious items
- Scan for files that have been Renamed to hide their file type
- Seek out and display files with Obscene Filenames using a database of preset keywords
- Perform a Custom Search for user-defined file types, dates, etc.
- Search for many other signs of Suspicious and Illegal activity
- Interactively Delete offending items including files and internet cache data
- Interactively generate a Report of results


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