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Window Washer features

Window Washer is an award-winning privacy and clean-up utility that eliminates all these tracks from your computer.

Windows Vista™ Compatible Supports Windows Vista Operating System.

Many 'Wash' Areas- Cleans quite a number of PC hard drive locations to clean unnecessary files and keep your privacy.

Browser Activity - Washes all aspects of browser activity, internet history, address bar, cache, cookies, etc. Also works for Firefox Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape.

Secure data wiping - Incorporates 'Bleach', an encryption feature, which overwrites data to make it un-recoverable. This exceeds Department of Defense and the National Security Agency Standards

Cleans free space - 'Free space' on your computer is described as vacant space where old files used to be. Window Washer cleans these areas ensuring that deleted files cannot be retrieved.

Shredder - Shred a folder and all of its contents, or just a single file, easily.

Key file protection - Features the abiltiy to help prevent accidental deletion of crucial system and personal files.

Smart Cookie Saver - Deletes the cookies you don't want and keep the ones you want to keep.



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