Try these links to Various Internet Safety Resources


Safe Kids Online -- A terrific resource that includes the article "Child Safety on the Information Highway," rules for online safety, links for kids, parents, teachers, and much more.
Parents' Guide to the Internet -- U.S. Department of Education website with lots of information and resources.
To Filter or Not: The Pros and Cons of Using Parental Control Software -- Definitions, safety tips, help for parents.
A Parents' Guide to the Internet -- Complete text of this book available online (look under Table of Contents) as well as site reviews and other important safety information
The Children's Partnership -- Rules and tools for students and families online as well as facts and analysis about how the Information Society affects kids.
Acceptable Use Policies -- A collection of educational articles about the internet and how to keep young students protected.
Critiquing Acceptable Use Policies --A critique of Acceptable Use Policies with many interesting links.
Acceptable Use Policies (English - Spanish REQUIRES Adobe Acrobat) -- Policies which school districts in California are formulating in dealing with children using the internet.
AupCheck- Further information on Acceptable Use Policies
Child Safe Web-Surfing- Great information on making the web safe for kids
GetNetWise- guides and child-safe internet links

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